At Super Me, your child is given high quality food for every meal. The professional staff at Super Me make sure that the ingredients, used for cooking, are the freshest available on that day.





Super Me feeds your child, the way you would feed them at home: With nothing but the best.


This is why no MSG (Monosodium Glutamate) is used in any of the daily meal provided to the children.


To adopt a healthy lifestyle, is to start eating healthy.




The eating habit set at Super Me, by its administrators and teachers, will have a positive impact on the long-term lifestyle choice of your child.


The choices of menus provided to the children are meticulously picked by our certified nutritionist to ensure that children get the proper amount of nutrition they need to grow healthy.


Therefore, the children at Super Me will get the energy they need to go through the day staying focused in class, and participating in their physical activities.


Below is a recommended nutritional chart for children according to the American Heart Association:


  Calories Needed Fat Milk/Dairy Lean Meat / Beans Fruits Vegetables Grains
1 Year Old 900 Per Day 30-40% 2 Cups 1.5 Ounces 1 Cup 3/4 Cup 2 Ounces
2 - 3 Years Old 1000 Per Day 30-35% 2 Cups 2 Ounces 1 Cup 1 Cup 3 Ounces

4-8 Years Old Calories Needed Fat Milk/Dairy Lean Meat / Beans Fruits Vegetables Grains
Boy 1400 Per Day 25-35% 2 Cups 4 Ounces 1.5 Cups 1.5 Cups 5 Ounces
Girl 1000 Per Day 25-35% 2 Cups 3 Ounces 1.5 Cups 1 Cup 4 Ounces


Note: * Calories estimates are based on a sedentary lifestyle. If the child is active, increase by 200 calories per day. If very active, increase by 200-400 calories per day.