The quality of this educational program at “Super Me” is guaranteed through the systematic application of advanced teaching approaches which have been developed and recognized by educational experts around the world. These methods place children at the center of the learning, playing and experiencing environment, enabling them to exert their full potential, and to ignite their passion and compassion. The teaching methods allow each child to excel at their full strength in all areas of intelligences, connect their knowledge with real-life experiences, challenge them to be out of their comfort zone and guiding them to be an individual of social and community

At “Super Me”, the activities serve to cultivate the knowledge, attitudes, behaviors and skills that one needs to live a healthy, fulfilled and self-sustained life. “Super Me” has the methodology for delivering such a skill to empower your child with the necessary tools to succeed.

  1. The Whole Child Education approach and the 7 Dimensions of Wellness
  2. Multiple Intelligences Theory